December 16, 2010

The End is Beer

Ah, finals week. It's all but over. The tests are all taken and tucked safely in bed. The others were graded with malice and dread, for the students in my class all knew they were dead long before this day came, for p-chem is not their friend. I don't really know of anyone who truly loved/loves p-chem their first time through. I hated the first half, and still do hate thermodynamics in all of its shapes, derivatives and equations-of-state. I must say though that the final exam was not without its moments of humor-at least for me, since I wasn't the one taking it. There was one student who appeared to be more interested in her finger nails and the wonderful polish on them, than in the exam. Later it became apparent that it was more of a nervous habit-that and picking at the nail polish-and by the end they looked like a two year old had been the one to apply the nail polish to both her nails and around her mouth. The lesson to learn is not to study the material and actually go to class so you can pass, but it is not to buy cheap nail polish, otherwise you'll end up with a red face and black mouth. Toward the end another student actually threw his exam at me, and then realizing what he had just done, profusely apologized while I laughed at him. Laughter really does make you feel better. The best part though is after the exam, when the guys are trying to hurry and finish, or make it look like their not finished yet, so they can just 'happen' to finish at the same time as some girl they've been ogling the entire semester but haven't had the spine to talk to her yet, and then try to strike up a conversation in the hopes of an exchange of phone numbers. This might work with other classes. Not with p-chem. By the time most of them were done they were so emotionally and mentally drained that the last thing they wanted was to have to deal with some guy that either/or has no personality and thinks he's god's gift to women. Watching several of those play out were better than the student throwing their exam at me.

I passed at least one of my classes. I missed five points on the final. The stupid part, and the one that almost got me killed earlier today while talking with several other students, was that one of those points should not have been missed. I feel like an idiot, but a happy idiot none-the-less. Now just a fellowship application to finish by tomorrow at 5pm. Thankfully I've already started it.

Pam says it's time to go home, so that's all for now.

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